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My girlfriend, Sadie, will soon tie the knot with her future hubby, Jeff, and I wanted to gift them something special for when I attended their engagement party. Rather than buying 'He + She' wine glasses or ordering a personalized cheese board, I wanted to make this gift with something that would utilize my skills in design; and so I came up with a wedding planning book!


Alright, so I've never planned a wedding nor have I ever been married! But I've always been excited about contributing event planning in general. When I started out this book, I did my research as well as asked friends and co workers about their personal experiences. From there, I sketched a page layout, listed the contents, then organized accordingly to standard wedding planning timelines.

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It was surprisingly not so difficult to design, yet so time consuming! Besides making sure that the contents of this book would go in the right order, I also had to get into details such as the wedding dress or booking a caterer. I realized how so much mental and physical energy goes into planning a wedding, I was stressed out myself just empathizing with professional event planners!


Once I got a handle on the layout, I transferred to InDesign, which is perfect for laying out pages whether you're designing a flyer, brochure, book, newspaper, etc. I went with a spring color palette using warm tones and a hint of green, in addition to using floral designs that I pulled from google, then vectored on Adobe Illustrator.

Going back to the book's content, I made sure to layout the pages in a way where it made sense for the user to go from point A to point Z. Starting off with your Budget, which will be the foundation of the entire plan. Then you get into the fun stuff, Theme, Bride & Groom get ups, Venue, Guest List, DJ, Catering, Hair & Makeup, etc.

I don't claim this book to be the best for wedding planning, for I never experienced it myself. But I want to give people the opportunity to have a free and nicely designed guide. There are a lot of folks out there selling wedding planning books that are either tacky or actually well thought out. But for those of you who don't want to spend money on that, you can download the PDF below and print out the pages at home. Just know that the quality of the colors will depend on your printer. With that said, I wish you all the best in this season of romance!

Wedding Planning Book

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