Post with Purpose


This morning I decided to write down my thoughts and feelings in regards to this topic, which turned into 1, 2, 3 drafts of me ranting profusely like a #hater. But after writing out my stress and chatting with my coworkers, my tits are calm and my mind is clear. Why was I so angst you ask?



It's a beautiful platform to share, connect, and inspire! But at the same time a lot of responses come out negative on body image and self-esteem. I see so many beautiful people on the gram; most who actually utilize this outlet as life journals, resumes for various mediums of art, marketing for their businesses/blogs, traveling, and so on. And then there are....a special sum who are highly praised for their pages plastered with posts of bikinis, butts, cleavage, sensual poses; captioned with "Drip drop (water drop emoji)" or "h a p p y  p l a c e (black heart)" or some inspirational quote ripped off of Pinterest.

Yes, I'm describing the basic Instagram model- not to say that all of them are shady and vain. In fact there are several who I've personally met or have had deep conversations with in the DMs, and they're so genuine, doing their thing on social media to help pay off the bills and student loans! 


I'm trying to point out are those who post for the sake of posting, doing it for the gram, getting validation from their followers. Okay honey, you have the opportunity to use your influential power for a better cause. Rather than just posting your bikini body with a beer for #thirstythursday, take that moment to inspire your viewers with a meaningful caption - perhaps about the company that you're modeling for.

This is what I am working on for myself; posting on Instagram to either announce a new blog post, update on new things to come, or a cool and new experience! But you know what that's just my way of going about social media, and people should just do whatever makes them truly happy. Yet it still grinds my gears that so many folks with 5k+ followers schedule swim/lingerie/nude photoshoots just to have content to post every single day. Well I guess if showing off skin is what their viewers want, I don't want them. I'd rather have people follow me for my style and personality.

And I'm not trying to put down women who do those types of photoshoots. It's just that there's a difference between being artful and being slutty; having an actual modeling career vs being an attention whore.

Whew...okay...that's a load off...

Some of you may agree, and others will probably unfollow me for being honest with my feelings. Alright I still sound like a #hater, but hey, this is my perspective.

For those of you who are still trying to get a handle on social media, take this as inspiration for the next time you post.

Shout out to Rayce Sugitan for meeting with me at 6:00am on a Saturday to show me this beautiful spot on the east side! Looking forward to more adventures in 2018! With each new experience I aim to capture my moments artfully. Check out more of Rayce's amazing work on his Instagram @raycecar.