Cognizance 2018


As the end of the year is near, I reflect on 2017 with ambition to refine my life. Here are my thoughts and observations about this year from start to finish, and then the goals I hope to achieve in 2018!

Highlights of 2017

July - FashionGabbs launched
Since I received my BS in Fashion Design and Merchandising at UH Manoa, I wanted to pursue a career in this industry but was unsure of my talents. After some time in retail sales, marketing, then visual merchandising, I realized that my place wasn't in a store nor was it to be paid minimum wage to meet a $5000 on average. So I got out, and later I continued my passion in fashion through FashionGabbs.

End of July - Ending long-term relationship
I was with an ex of mine for 2+ years - it was unstable, yet I kept going at it because I couldn't bear the thought of losing someone who I connected with for so long. But after a few weeks, I got over it and moved on because I know now that I am better without. ^-^

August - New job in downtown
After leaving my last job in retail, I made efforts to find any job regarding Office Administration - the type of work with stable hours and stable pay. I succeeded and started immediately after my 2 weeks ended at Forever 21. I actually got the job on the day of my interview! Now I work as an Admin Assistant for a big law firm, and I'm learning a lot.

What I'm Grateful For This Year

Being Single
Though heart breaks always seem to be the most embarrassing and torturing feeling, my experience had a lot of positive points. I learned about myself and what I would want in a future relationship should I ever get serious. I'm not quick to settle down as I want to continue my focus on FashionGabbs. But hey, I can still go out and have fun!

I have different groups of friends who've either come and gone in my life. Although I don't see her often as much as we used to hang out in middle school, MO is by far the best person in my life who totally gets me. I don't want to completely put MO in the spotlight for identity purposes, so that's the name I'm using in this story. She and I have been best buds since middle school and we've seen how the other has grown. During my ordeal from the breakup and burning bridges with ex-friends associated with him, MO was by my side supporting me whether she knew the situation or not. Love ya MO!

I am extremely excited and grateful for all the businesses and photographers who I've worked with this year. I networked with local businesses while going to Art+ Flea and other market events, or just walking into an establishment. I had a pleasure connecting with business owners and designers, and I hope to continue working with them in the New Year to come!

All the professional photos you've seen were done by photographers who reached out to me. (Something I need to work on is building up the courage to do the reaching out!) Flynt Azama, Tony Bodega, Mark Galegac, and Blake Abes - thanks so much for your amazing work!

Theme For 2018

Throughout my life, my dad has tried to teach me life lessons such as "observing before acting". I'm aware that I had moments where I would judge someone or a situation before I got all the facts, and the same thing has happened with other people towards me. Next year, I want to work on gaining awareness of my surroundings, what I'm doing in the present, as well improve my memory. I got this daily planner from Urban Outfitters to keep me myself in check - mostly for my blog. But once in a while when something amazing or challenging comes into my life, I want to make sure I write about that event so that I can look back on it as a lesson.

Therefore, my theme for 2018 is Cognizance.

What I Want For Myself

Improve speech
I've noticed that sometimes I'll chatter fast when I get excited in conversation, which makes listeners to ask me to repeat myself. In my head I'm wonder "Am I not speaking English?" Yes, but I realized that even though I know exactly what I talk about, it doesn't translate fluidly towards others. So I need to work on the pace of my speech, and I hope to do so by listening to podcasts -  like Grammar Girl.

Expand vocabulary
Right now I'm debating on which fashion magazines I should subscribe to. I figure that if I want to work on my writing skills, I might as well hit two birds with one stone and gain some pop culture knowledge. I'll probably start off by going to the Barnes & Noble magazine section and see what tickles my fancy.

As I reflect on 2017, I noticed my growth from the beginning to the end and am excited to see what I'll accomplish next year! Other goals I hope to achieve is
1. Go to the gym more than twice a week
2. Clean and renovate my room
3. Travel outer island.
4. Network

5. Quality time with family & friends

What are your New Year Resolutions?

Check out Lavendaire's Instagram and YouTube Channel - her videos are mind blowing. The content of this story was inspired by her video, 5 Questions to Reflect & Plan for the New Year in 2018, which my best friend MO recommended to me!

P.S.: Cover photo was taken by Jessica Sullivan in 2016.