Hi, I’m Gabi!

Styling with   Valia Honolulu

Styling with Valia Honolulu

I’ve been living for fashion ever since I watched Project Runway from the very first season in 2004. My patience with the sewing machine was thin, but I would enjoy dressing up and styling mannequins with pieces already made to sell on the floor. I graduated in 2015 from the University of Hawaii at Manoa with a BS degree in Fashion Design and Merchandising. During my college term, I also worked for the marketing team for the Ka Leo, which used to be the campus publication back then. I started my blog in late 2017 as an outlet to show off my personal style. As my Instagram grew and my blog got more traffic, I decided to turn it into a platform to promote local businesses in Hawaii. As I networked through photoshoots and events, I’ve become inspired to take my personal styling experiences to style on other people. So as of now I’m working to build my styling portfolio with local photographers and businesses in Hawaii. You can view my previous blog work from 2018 in the navigation bar above.

Work Experience

Post college in spring 2016, I worked for a bikini company in marketing but later on became unhappy with my role, so I left to work for Forever 21 in Waikiki as a Visual Merchandiser at their Waikiki location up until 2017. It was around that time when I launched FashionGabbs which focused on styling and shopping hauls. In summer of 2017, I decided to take a break from the fashion industry and pursued an Admin Assistant job for a local law firm. From then on I was able to put more focus into the blog, working with passionate photographers and also collaborating with businesses. A few months into 2018 I was let go from my role as it was a temporary position and I wasn’t fitting in with the legal industry. But I persisted to find a job that would allow me to develop my skills in marketing, graphic design, social media, and styling. In May of last year, I started my position as Marketing Specialist for Goodwill Hawaii where my skills continue to grow and my network is expanding, while I help a great cause.

You can learn a little more about me from my interview with TFCU.