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I never grew up with a pet - unless you consider my brother's fish named Fred who only lasted a few months in grade school. It's not that I didn't want to have a pet, but more so that my mom has an unfortunate case of cynophobia. Overall, she doesn't want to deal with fur and feathers shedding around the house.

To this day I live vicariously through my friends who have cats or dogs of their own. Sometimes when I see people walking their dogs on the street or in shopping malls, I get all soft and gushy squealing, "Oh my gawd so cute!! 😍" I very much enjoy when I see pets out in public wearing cute little sunglasses to gaudy jackets - I can't believe people actually make this kind of stuff!

Being conscientious about ethical fashion and food, I've wondered if there's such a place for pets that provide sustainable and healthy products in Hawaii.

Co-owners and partners Matt and Jordan

Co-owners and partners Matt and Jordan

Meet power couple, Matt and Jordan, co-owners of the Public Pet. About two and half years ago, they opened their shop with the concept of bringing ethical pet fashion and necessities, inspired by pet culture in San Francisco and New York. Noticing that Hawaii lacks the abundance for ethically made fashionable pet accessories and locally made healthy pet food, these pet-loving fellas got on their hustle to change that in the Kaimuki scene.

While corporate pet shops are standard with bringing in a range of cheap to overly priced mass-produced goods, the Public Pet collaborates with locally owned businesses to bring quality products that'll make any pet owner feel good about dressing and feed their cat and/or dog.

When I walked into their shop for the very first time, I was greeted by Jordan with a friendly welcome. He showed me around the shop from the leash wall on the right side to the left wall with all the food products, and then to the front table with smaller pet accessories and other gear. If I can't have a dog at home, I can at least cop myself a little cute doggy pot for my succulent or a dog stamp to fill the void! 😭

In regards to food products, Matt and Jordan strive to spread the awareness of healthy eats for pets and do so by bringing in some locally produced foods and treats from local companies like Raw Dog Hawaii. The main benefit of these hand made meats is that they're sustainably produced; no GMOs, no antibiotics, no grains, no starches. Raw Dog has a special place in a freezer located in the back of the shop, and regulars will either come in or call to place an order as soon as the products replenish.

When I asked Jordan what treats were the most popular, he immediately told me about these bags of fish sticks from Trust Pet Snacks. I was taken aback for a moment thinking this whole time that dogs would be more into steak or chicken or pig! But to my surprise after opening a bag of Trust Fish Sticks, the dogs came at me - it was actually quite a blur but one of my favorite and most fun photoshoots! Another popular treat is their Local Bowl, which is container of samples offering different dried meats, which is a great way to find out what your dogs like.

In earlier photos, you've seen the leash wall and a table with collar attachments, which are all fun to mix and match. They even have pouches of different prints for holding mini trash bags, and you can attach them to your dog (or cat's) leash. The collars come in a variety of sizes and can be adjustable as well. With the French pups, Lil Wayne and Rho, we styled them with cute handkerchief pieces that you can slide your pet's collar into. In the right photo below we have our girls; Lani (left) with a white and pink print on a ribbed strap with a white buckle, and Mali (right) wearing a thick rope style that loops through clasp enclosure.

I love that the Public Pet has a variety of styles of pet accessories, and I'm sure that if I had my own dog, 20% of my paycheck will go towards making them healthy and trendy! Thank you Matt and Jordan for having us having our photoshoot in your shop - it was such a blast meeting the dogs and their owners who were all chill and upbeat.

You can check out the Public Pet online at thepublicpet.com and on Instagram as @thepublicpet. Follow them for updates  on puppy and kitty adoption pops that they host with families with new litters as well as local shelters like Popoki and Tea and Humane Society.

If you want to see more of these adorable pups, you can follow their adventures on Instagram as:
Rho: @thefrenchrho
Lil Wayne: @lilwaynethefrenchie
Lani: @lanibeachdawg - owner Dana from Ny'Ala Skin Care
Mali: @_meetmali - owner Tommy

Thank you Landen for accompanying me on this fun packed photoshoot! Check out his work on Instagram as @genkiphotos as well as his business profile @genkimedia.