Women Wear Ties Too

I used to play the violin for my high school orchestra, and in my freshman year one of our performance attires required a white collared shirt, black slacks, black dress shoes, and a neck tie. The boys in my class who knew how to tie a tie would help out the girls who had to borrow from their fathers. Meanwhile I’m sitting in the back proudly with my clip-on, which I just hooked between the collar of my shirt. I felt pretty cool wearing this look back then, but it wasn’t my style for I would wear skater inspired clothes or feminine pieces (I was going through phases.) Back then I used to believe that tie were meant for men to wear; not out of sexism but more so tradition.

Hawaiian Voyage Burgundy Pre-tie Bow Tie

Hawaiian Voyage Burgundy Pre-tie Bow Tie

But when I thought about it further, a necktie is really just a piece of accessory; decoration for the neck. It’s a part of uniform for military, schools, work, etc. yet when it comes to dressing up for formal events, neckties are mostly marketed towards men, which is understandable as men traditionally wear this for of accessory. Now and then I'll see women on the runway, red carpet, or out on the street sporting men's accessories and I want to pick up on that trend because I low key love experimenting with fashion!


A few months ago, I came across a local company called Pineapple Palaka, who designs each of their neck wear products with the inspiration of Hawaii-inspired bringing in a modern twist. The highest quality of materials is used in each piece; 100% woven silk for the main, with palaka for the keeping and lining.

Each print is designed purposefully, tracing back to history in Hawaii. In the above photo, I'm dressed casually with the Makau tie. While it may appear as just a blue tie with a random red print from a distance, up close you'll see that there are tiny fish hooks, which were inspired by the story of Maui, the demigod known to have dragged his fish hook across the ocean floor to raise the Hawaiian islands.

I love experimenting with fashion pieces to create looks that people wouldn't normally find trendy, and I appreciate it greatly when I am able to do so with products of great quality and meaning behind it.

Thank you to Pineapple Palaka for working with us on this story. Check them out on Instagram as @pineapplepalaka for more beautiful designs and stay tuned for when they come out with a new line summer 2018!

Thank you to Thomas for collaborating with me for Part I and Part II of this story. Check out his Instagram as @__tagiii for more of his portrait and scenic work, and his website for family and couples photography.

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