Bullet Journalist

I enjoy meeting artists of different calibers as many who I've come across in my life have different ways of using their talents.


This bubbly cutie is Hana Nakano, a young woman with a knack for drawing and painting. It totally threw me off when I found out that she actually graduated with degree in education, and never took an art course in school. (Then again, in this generation we have accessible sources like YouTube and Skillshare, which allows us to be self taught...)


Hana's pursuit in art flourished after taking inspiration from photographs taken by our friend Matt, who's an adventurer on Oahu. She would recreate most of his ocean/beach photographs into miniature paintings. (Check out one of her time lapse videos here to see her process!) These little pieces would be perfect indoor home decor to hang on your wall or to display on a shelf at home.


And as if that wasn't enough, this #bossgirl has taken on another form of art - bullet journaling. I remember using a bullet journal for geometry back in middle school and never wanted to touch it again, until I saw how Hana made it look so much fun!

Hana has her own personal journal that's specifically designed it to be a planner, which she did all by hand - I can't even draft blog posts in my notebook without getting a hand cramp! She even has a second journal to draft out ideas, such as motivational quotes that she'll add in between the months in her planner.

A  non-traditional calendar designed by Hana for her personal life

A  non-traditional calendar designed by Hana for her personal life

As I was flipping through her personalized journal, I noticed that each month is designed differently based on upcoming holidays and events. Having the bullets definitely help with structure, but it also takes a lot of creativity for one to really spice up a planner. I can see that Hana takes inspo from her surroundings on Oahu as well as her frequent travels to Japan.


While Hana is full time teaching 1st grade, she also has a side hustle of collaborating with local boutiques to sell greeting cards and designing business logos with Adobe. I always look forward to seeing Hana's new designs, and hope to see her do more collaborations like customizing menus for restaurants, designing planners to sell in local shops, or even design wedding invitations! Thank you Hana for showing me your process and beautiful pieces, as well as showing me how to bullet journal my brand!

Mahalo to my friend Matt Leong for taking photos of this session. Check out his beautiful landscape photos on Instagram as @mattaleong. Also thank you to Morning Brew Kaka'ako for hosting our photoshoot! You can see their menu items and beautiful space on Instagram as @morningbrewkakaako.