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Kaimuki is a thriving neighborhood filled with old school joints, corporate businesses, eclectic shops, yoga studios, and bougie food spots. Dining out is the main reason for me to commute to this side of Honolulu, and I'm always stoked to try new places that pop up in the area. Anytime I'm in the mood for some beer, hands down I need a hefty meal to compliment the buzz!

Surfing Pig Truffle Fries

Surfing Pig Truffle Fries

Much like their sister restaurant, Kono's, but with an elevated twist on urban eats, The Surfing Pig makes itself a hot spot for foodies of all ages. I sat down with my buddy Alex (after taking photos) and went at the Surfing Pig Truffle Fries with chicharon and parmesan. Being the fry-lover I am, I started munching on one after the other, taking a bite out of a chip sized slice of parmesan (the truffle oil also made it bomb). Besides this appetizer, you can get some meaty small plates like their Back Ribs, which is also topped with chicharon, or their flat bread pizza with Kono's signature Kalua Pig. By the way, for those of you wondering what chicharon is; in Filipino cooking it's almost anything from the pig that's fried; skin, belly, intestines, etc.

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Taking a break from pork, we moved on to a classic burger with fries. The Surfing Pig burger is packed tall with bourbon onion, smoked gouda cheese, and citrus herb aioli on top of lettuce and sliced tomato. I love it when burgers have the right balance of meat, veggies, cheese, and bun. The only trouble was that the height of this burger exceeded the opening capacity of my mouth! But it really asn't the issue for it was fulfilling.

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The Smoking Pig

The Smoking Pig

For my next visit, I'll attempt to be classy and try their tenderloin medallions with their specialty cocktail, the Smoking Pig. This is the first time I've ever seen a smoking drink, let alone a drink being prepared in a smoking cloche; another cool aspect to add to the urban vibe of this establishment. I didn't take the opportunity to try drink since I had to drive afterwards, but I'll definitely hit this up during Happy Hour!

Across from the bar is a line of seats along a chalkboard wall. In between, is re-purposed wood from the old Waialae Bowl. When you see it for yourself, you'll notice that the bowling platform markings still show. It's so cool that they created tables from this material, which adds warmth and nostalgia into SP's ambience. Customers who are able to grab a seat at the chalkboard can scribble messages, draw, or play tic tac toe. Even Bead It Kaimuki dined in and drew their brand name at the center! Talk about free marketing - I went ahead and added my Instagram name hoping to get some exposure. I'll have to go back there and do it even bigger!

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The Surfing Pig did an amazing job maximizing the space to create a 2-story restaurant, as well as create an amazing menu that suits various palettes. I definitely want to take my boyfriend here soon and have him try a bunch of the small plates; they all looked amazing when I low-key watched customers eat during the photoshoot.

If Kaimuki is unfamiliar territory to you, step out of the norm and hit up this old school part of town and check out the Surfing Pig for dinner with the fam. And if you end up dining on the second floor, check out their black and white photos done by local artists.

Thank you to The Surfing Pig for having us at your cool, sexy, vibey, restaurant, and letting us enjoy a bit of your menu! To see the rest of their menu or how you can make reservations, (perhaps a graduation party, wink wink) go to TheSurfingPig.co for more details.

Thank you Alex for partnering with me on this story. Check out his dope fashion portraits on Instagram as @awongway_.