Local Kine Sherbert

Sunglasses from Japan. Hat from Forever 21. Jacket from the North Face. Sports Bra from  Naked Sushi

Sunglasses from Japan. Hat from Forever 21. Jacket from the North Face.
Sports Bra from Naked Sushi

I had an obsession with crunching on ice cubes for a good chunk of my adolescence, especially during my braces phase. My orthodontist would be so mad whenever I came in to replace my bands - sorry Dr. Shiraki! From cubes, I transitioned to shaved ice to still have that crunchy satisfaction and eventually got out of my ice eating habit. There was something about the texture of crushed ice on my tongue that added a bonus in the flavor to icy desserts.


We have tons of small businesses and big-named companies who've made themselves reputable for the cold dessert portion of Hawaii's food industry; Bubbies, Ono Pops, Morimoto Shaved Ice, etc. I recently connected with a fairly new business and one of the things I like is that Asato Family is based in Hawai'i where they also produce their own sherbert. You won't actually find products from this company unless you subscribe to their Monthly Pint Club. Sounds rather grand but a variety of flavors coming in by the pints for a month it a pretty sweet deal.

Wearing my hoodie (DIY cropped) from  INI Hawaii

Wearing my hoodie (DIY cropped) from INI Hawaii

Asato Family is literally a family run business on Oahu, and just recently they established themselves and quickly rocked the 'Gram on top of their rep in the food scene. Inspired by nostalgia of crack seed shops and other family members working in the food industry, Neale (founder) decided that he wanted to bring happiness with food through his own frozen concoction. Classic and local favorite flavors come up from time to time to remind us of the good old days when we didn't have to worry about paying taxes. I especially am taken aback with their lihing sherbert with condensed - damn dat bugga broke da mouth!


Quality and authenticity are what Asato Family value and strives to continue that drive on top of supporting the community. Their physical location is still underway, but customers can pick up their monthly subscribed pints from their headquarters in Aiea.

If you have a fundraiser, need a sponsor for an event, or just want to stock up this summer on sweet icy treats, hit up them up at www.AsatoFamilyShop.com. You may also see updates on their monthly flavors by going to their instagram as @asatofamily.


Thank you Quy for collaborating with me on making Asato Family pop in our fashion shoot with some urban/sporty street looks in Chinatown. Check out his amazing work on Instagram as @quyphaam.

And Mahalo to Asato Family for providing the sherberts at this photoshoot. I can't enough of the lihing mui with condensed milk!