Struttin In Thigh Highs

If you've been following me on IG during the past few weeks, you might have seen me dressed up as Wednesday Addams for Halloween.  That morning was when I arrived to my office with a package on my desk. I knew what would be inside; my high thigh stockings from Vienne Milano! This was perfect timing because I getting irritated with my mesh dotted tights, which were a little itchy and the fit was uncomfortable. If you have ever worn tights, you may agree with me that it's a bit annoying; having to pull the mesh up enough for your bum to feel secure, taking it them off then back on after doing your bathroom business, and carefully pulling them up with out your new manicure ripping through the mesh.

Here are 3 chic ways I've styled my thigh highs, and I hope that these will inspire you for when you dress up for the holiday season:


Graphic Tee + Hoodie: Ross
Denim Shorts: Hollister
Distressed Chambray Jacket: American Eagle
Converse: Nordstrom
Red Shades: Tokyo

Graphic tee with the word "Flawless"

Graphic tee with the word "Flawless"


Tie neck blouse: Forever 21
Printed Skort: Spiral Girl (Closed)
White Cape Vest:
Bally Shoes: Hand-me-down



Over sized knit sweater: Nordstrom Rack
Denim shorts: One Teaspoon
Dolce and Gabbana belt: Goodwill ($2)
Red Scarf: Gift


Thigh Highs are pretty versatile so I'll definitely use this for other looks, including my office attire.

To see more styles such as floral laces and matter colors, check out Vienne Milano. I'm looking to get this; a Back Seam stocking, which is a style started in the 1940's when there was a shortage on materials for tights and women came up with the thigh highs. Having the back seam straight was #goals and makes a woman feel all the more sexy!

All photos were taken by Flynt Azama - check him out on Instagram as @flyntphotos. He does amazing work!

This video is in collaboration with Vienne Milano