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Halloween is finally here! I love this holiday but oh boy, I’m honestly ready to cuddle in bed with my plushie when I get home after work. All through out the month, I’ve been hustling in the name of Halloween for my job at Goodwill. I visited the different store son the island to draw on their windows, pulled tons of clothes and accessories to style models for our features on local news stations, and even modeled on screen! After most of the heavy work was over, I got to get into my creative mode and shot several concepts with friends who inspire and motivate me.

Here is the work I’ve done along with explanations on how I put everything together. If you’re in a last-minute costume mode, hopefully you take an idea from these:

Sister Witches

IMG_5993 2 copy.jpg

My cousin Anna and I have been wanting to shoot together for a long time. Knowing that her creativity in horror theme blows other creators out of the water, we connected with our friend Josh who is a film photographer. We decided to go for a Sister Witches them, inspired by films and series like The Shining, American Horror Story - Coven, and The Addams Family. If you plan to be twinning this Halloween, just find matching dress with your sis and do your makeup pale and almost lifeless!

Check out Josh Casserino on Instagram as @cashreno and Anna Davide as @add.divide.



I haven’t done anything quite like this and it was quite thrilling! My friends, Landen, Kaci, and Nainoa were stoked to do a horror themed concept inspired by the Purge series, which got me thrifting items from Goodwill from clothes to new Halloween Goods that they sectioned off in different parts of their stores. There wasn’t a specific idea on how we wanted to execute things, and I thing that was the best for we took amazing photos and video shots while roaming around the abandoned Paradise Park. Honestly it was rather spooky as we found a dark auditorium space with very little light trickling from the cracks of one window. There was even a Mother Theresa statue next to a shack and dared not to go anyway near it. All in all, it was planned yet somewhat random on how we put everything together and I’m stoked with the results!

Check out the Halloween video that Nainoa Andrade uploaded to his Instagram @nainoaandrade and check out Landen’s work on Instagram as @genkiphotos. the first photo below from the left was doodled on by Kaci, and her artwork combined with photos are amazing! Check her out on Instagram as @konekokaci.

Plane Crash Survivor

gabbywreck (12 of 12).JPG

FYI, I did not actually crash a plane - it’s photoshopped! I had a blast combining fashion and adventuring in this photoshoot with my friend Brian. We shoot together often, but after this concept, we’re stoked to create even more together! The ideas came to me when I came across some YouTube play-throughs of my favorite video games such as The Last of Us, Fall Out, Horizon, and Final Fantasy. Back when I was a kid, I told my teacher that when I grow up I wanted to be an adventurer like Indiana Jones, and now I got to dress as such for one day! The bruises on my face were all done by me using eyeshadows with red, brown, purple, and yellow tones. I was running some errands prior to my photoshoot and got some passerby folks shook, lol. As for the costume, pretty much everything is from Goodwill except for the goggles that Brian lent me, and the gloves are from Claire’s.

Check out Brian’s Instagram for insane adventure shots as @br_i_an.

Yami Kawaii

This last Halloween concept I did was also with Landen and Kaci, but also includes my other style sister, Kanako! We got together to shoot ourselves in Yami Kawaii themed looks. Yami Kawaii literally translates to “darkness cute”, hence it being a form of fashion styling that involves hidden symbols of suicide under innocence. The girls and I went more for the cute aspects, but added bandages for we couldn’t find syringes nor pill-shaped accessories. For what it’s worth, I had a great time shooting with my friends while exploring the beauty of Byodo-In Temple. If you want to go for a Harajuku look, pastels and cutesy themed clothes and accessories are winning pieces for putting a quick look together.

Check out Kanako’s Instagram as @style.leaf for fashion inspo!

I wish you all a fun and safe whether you’re attending a costume contest at a party or trick-or-treating with family and friends. Now that this store is over, I’m going to enjoy myself at the office party eating pumpkin pie and homemade-whatever-the-aunties-bring.


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