Novelty Hosiery

I'm trying to get into posting more styling content, but posting consistently isn't easy as I don't work with a lot of the same photographers these days. There have been only a few in particular who's work and ethics I love.

To keep the styling content consistent for at least every two weeks, I try to work with what I currently own as well as reach out to company with pieces that I personally find challenging to work with.

Recently, I connected with a company that sells these fun and colorful mid calf socks with these cute little pineapple patches on the outer sides. I don't wear socks very often, but it's a style I wanted to pull of for a while.

Funny Socks is a sock brand based in LA, and they work on designing fresh, fun, novelty graphics made of high-quality materials. I found out about this brand from and old college mate, Kari. She would sport Funny Socks on social media in athletic wear. Being a fashion enthusiast, I thought I'd combine these socks to two different looks to add some pizzaz.

X Funny Crew Limited

Rainbow Crew

In my opinion, the good things I like about this brand are that:
1. Shipping is Free
2. First time shoppers get 20% off with code FIRSTORDER20
3. They contribute proceeds to planting trees in other countries
4. The socks are incredibly soft becuase they used combed cotton

You can shop Funny Socks online at then follow them for updates and more on Instagram as @funnysocks.

Thank you Quy for working with me in this project. Check out his work on Instagram as @quyphaam as he will eventually get into film photography! Stoked to see more of your work fam!

Pushing fashion content is easy, but thinking outside the box takes time. I look forward to creating more and am open to feedback and suggestions from the audience so feel free to leave a comment below.