Chic Christmas Knits

Ugly Christmas sweater parties are a common thing, but I've never participated in such an occasion. This year will be different - I'm stepping out of my boundaries, going for novelty and nearly functional garments. But where can I get a sweater that really speaks to me?

I like the idea of ugly Christmas sweaters, but I don't feel like that style is me. And so I set myself on a DIY project to instead, design Christmas themed sweaaters using sweaters from Target and embellishments from Walmart. These 3 styles took a lot of time combined to finish, but overall it's easy and fun!

Present for You

Women's  Xhilaration  Fluffy Sweater in S - $27.99~ (Target)  Not sold online

Women's Xhilaration Fluffy Sweater in S - $27.99~ (Target)
Not sold online

Originally, this fluffy sweater had the words 'Happy Hanukkah' in blue sequins. I don't celebrate Hanukkah, but I intend to use the sweeater itself as a canvas. I removed most of the embellishments to place my red felt piece on top. I used multi-use red thread to hand stitch the sides and corners to cover up the words and then keep the felt piece in place. Then I took a few strands from a curled present ribbon and straightened it out as much as possible. I hand stitched that onto the felt from top to bottom and through the center just a bit.

The remaining bow had an adhesive patched stapled and I stuck it on the top. I should sewed the actual material onto the present, because at one point of the photoshoot, it fell off and I couldn't find it! Luckily, I have an extra one at home.

I could see myself wearing this to work since the coverage is good for dress code as well as warmth in 71 degree AC. Yes, that's cold for me.

The felt piece was about $1 and the pre-curled ribbons were about $1 from Walmart

The felt piece was about $1 and the pre-curled ribbons were about $1 from Walmart

Cropped Monogram

Boy's  Cat & Jack  in XS - $14.99 (Target)

Boy's Cat & Jack in XS - $14.99 (Target)

This cropped looking sweater is actually an XS from the boys' section; no surprise since I'm petite! I saw a section in a aisle, monogram ornaments from A-Z. I grabbed a letter G and decided that my red sweater would be minimal chic. The ornament already has a hole, which I stitched through, but I also stitched the bottom of the letter as well to keep it secure. If I really wanted to secure it, I would have to do more stitching. But this embellishment is actually made of cardboard and glitter, so I plan to remove it without hassle before this knit goes into the wash.

The monogram ornament from Walmart was around $2-$3

The monogram ornament from Walmart was around $2-$3

Christmas Tree

Women's  Mossimo  Sweater in XS - $19.99 (Target)

Women's Mossimo Sweater in XS - $19.99 (Target)

This last knit is an absolute novelty! I actually saw some ugly Christmas sweaters with garland being sold for $50+ on Etsy. Shoot, I can make that for myself. And so I did.

I bought mini ornaments from Walmart; 4-6 piece sets per $1. If you want to decorate your own sweater like a Christmas tree, stick to lightweight ornaments and distribute them evenly. The snowflakes and candy canes are hard like ceramic, but aren't as heavy. Then the present ornaments are made of Styrofoam covered with glitter and wrapped with tiny ribbons.

Note to self: secure garland as much as possible, especially the ends!

During the photoshoot, the ends of my garland were slipping out of their stitches. I quickly came up with thread the wires throw the knit holes, but will need to fix them at home.

Overall, this piece is close to being an ugly sweater, but a lot of folks have been telling me the opposite!  I would definitely wear this to a Christmas party for work, or at a friend's place, or to a local event.

As I was walking in Target wearing this, a customer thought I was an employee! Hahaha.


Mini ornament sets and garland strand came to $1 each from Walmart

Mini ornament sets and garland strand came to $1 each from Walmart

This project was a lot of fun! It took me a week to finish, but if I were to dedicate a whole day to making these 3 chic Christmas knits, I'd say that approx 5 hours would be the minimum. Are you searching for your own ugly or not so ugly Christmas sweaters this year? Let me know if you plan or have already made your own by tagging me in your post on Instagram! :)

Thanks so much to Blake Abes for shooting this project with me. Check out his PORTFOLIO for more of his work!