Sexy Boho


For years my wardrobe mainly consisted of chic office/streetwear, which were heavily influenced by high-end designers as well being in an office setting during college. After graduating and finding myself having to adapt to new environments, I found myself out of place lifestyle-wise; I was almost overdressed or perhaps just not wearing the right clothes for the occasions.

After exploring styles like feminine, edgy, sporty, etc., I noticed myself being drawn to a combination but more so boho.

Maxi dresses, fringe, rustic looking jewelry, messy hair; I’m all about that! I’ve gradually been adding pieces to my closet from shops on the the online and online.



One particular boutique with clothes that I find easy to style with for boho is based on Oahu. Moxy Boutique carries a selection of pieces from LA and Australia, with a sense of femininity, sexy, and empowerment.


The white piece that I have on is the Karlie dress, which fits me well including at the chest! What I love about Moxy’s clothes is that they’re mostly solid tones so you can add accessories and other prints on top of them to create a whole new look. I managed to make this sexy boho look with a red scarf and bronze jewelry. You can shop for this dress as well as other styles online at MoxyBoutiqueHawai’ Mahalo Moxy Boutique for working with us on this style shoot!


Photos done by one of my favorite photographers on the island; Enzo! Check him out on Instagram as @enzo_hamma.